The Bohemian, Danny Jerabek

Inspired to be one of the best

Born and raised in Ripon, WI, Danny Jerabek was introduced to music by his family that loved Czech and German music.  Despite Danny's initial resistance to play the button accordion, he soon learned that he was destined to play the accordion.  Heavily influenced by Czech and German music, he proved himself to be an accomplished multi-instrumental musician weaving in and out of genres effortlessly and usually with a side of humor.  He is currently the leader of the polka rock party band, Copper Box, along with his wife, Michelle.  His love for performing fuels his passion for tuning accordions and repairing instruments on the side.  His new recording just made available on CD and digital downloads, as well as streaming platforms is a 'must have' for music lovers and features traditional polka music and two original compositions.

At age 9, Danny was given a Hohner Accordion from his grandfather and taught himself how to play it, among several other instruments (cornet, keys, harmonica, clarinet, sousaphone…& the kitchen sink!)  During his early 20’s, Danny was inspired by Steve (Esteban) Jordan, “the Jimi Hendrix of Tejano Accordion” he began to “rock out” and improvise –thinking a little more, “outside the box.”  Danny was featured at several International Accordion Festivals, as well as national TV, and was nominated several times and awarded Wisconsin’s “Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year” 2 years in a row by WAMI.  He is currently endorsed by Hohner Accordions.

Be sure to check out the latest recording, THE BOHEMIAN, as well as Copper Box's latest recording, SQUEEZE BOX MAN, featuring Danny Jerabek...available on CD, downloads and several streaming platforms.