Welcome to the site of Danny Jerabek, The Bohemian.  He was born and raised in Ripon, WI and started playing professionally at age 10.  As the son of a tuba player/radio DJ, he grew up surrounded by Czech polka music and was given his first button accordion by his grandfather.  "If he doesn't play it, who will?" were the words of his grandfather.  He grew to love the accordion and was inspired by many accordion greats as well as many genres of music like jazz, folk and world music.  Now endorsed by Hohner Accordions and featured at many international and national accordion festivals, Danny Jerabek is a unique accordion player that never settles on one genre, but instead plays many genres and seamlessly melds them together into a unique sound....traditional and innovative at the same time.  His ancestor's passed on the love Czech music and culture, which resonates with him being creative, innovative and respectful to the traditional.